What Will You Build?

"At Habitat, we're about transformation, but it's just as much about transforming the hearts of those who build the homes as it is the lives of those who live in them."
-Jonathan T.M. Reckford, Chief Executive Officer, Habitat for Humanity International
"Habitat for Humanity is a perpetual motion miracle: everyone who receives, gives-and everyone who gives, receives. If you want to live complacent and uninspired, stay away from Habitat; come close to Habitat and it will change you, and make you part of something at changes the world."
-Randall Wallace, screenwriter, Braveheart, Habitat volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer opportunities include helping to build homes (skilled and unskilled laborers always welcome); corporate sponsorship of part of a build; serving on committees; working in the ReStore; helping in the office with typing or data entry, are just a few ways to assist.

Join a Committee

For a list of committee descriptions, click here.

A Brush With Kindness

A Brush With Kindness is a ministry offered by Habitat for Humanity International to the Dubois County area. Habitat will partner with local companies to help improve the exterior of existing Dubois County homes. We were able to help a family June 15, 2012 Team Depot and Dubois Habitatwith the help of Home Depot and their Team Depot crew, by building a wheelchair ramp for a diabetic veteran who recently had surgery on his foot. He will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Habitat is so thankful to Home Depot for working to help our inaugural family as we begin this new ministry!

Complete an application to have ABWK volunteers help with a fix-up project or small build.

Or volunteer to help with A Brush With Kindness projects.

The Kimball Team joined in A Brush With Kindness and did an under-pinning and front step project for a thankful homeowner.


Photos of the ABWK Kimball project


Although we are a non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity of Dubois County cannot survive without the generous donations from our community and its businesses. Each Habitat for Humanity is self-sufficient, in finances as well as volunteers. With many homes and many families in need, we are in continuous need for funding to build homes. Every donation counts to build a habitat home here in Dubois County. To help support Habitat for Humanity of Dubois County in a financial way, please mail your donations to: Habitat for Humanity of Dubois County, 4232 S. 170 E. SR 162, Huntingburg, IN 47542

Online monetary donations may also be made


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Donating items to be resold at the ReStore is another way to help build a home:)